Why shop with us..?

Over the past 25 years we have developed a unique eyewear shopping experience. Using our years of experience and a great sense of style we carefully select independent frame designers to represent in our showroom. 

Our reputation is very important to us and we take pride in what we do! We have great reviews from our customers for both of our stores and for our online shoppers. Our process is simple but very well thought out. 

Our mission is to bring you not only the latest in the fashion frame industry but also latest technologies for both lens options and frame materials!! Our Optometrists provide individualized care for all patient needs, including Lasik consultations.  Each of our opticians have over 10 years experience.  We are one of the few shops left that offer an in store lab to maximize quality control and accuracy. 



The Making of an Ørgreen Frame

November 02, 2015

Premium designer eyewear in high-end materials, known for its signature style and innovative colours combinations. Founded in Copenhagen in 1997, our aim is to design strong and timeless frames for quality-conscious individuals all over the world. The Ørgreen trademark is prescription eyewear and sunglasses, made in titanium and beta-titanium: precious metals in a superb quality designed to last. Our collections are designed and developed in Denmark and made by hand in Japan, known and respected for high standards and irrefutable quality. Individually crafted with more than 100 processes, each frame can take up to six months to achieve its penchant for perfection. Colours are developed in-house and skillfully carried out at some of the world’s leading colour labs in Japan,...

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BLAC - original carbon fiber eyewear is here!

October 31, 2015

The original carbon frame Revolutionary designer eyewear made from carbon fiber reinforced with titanium. A lightweight frame but yet very strong. Blac is the world’s first adjustable carbon fiber frame, with the patent to prove it. Designed and hand made exclusively by our own production team in the Bellinger House in Risskov, Denmark. Blac – the fabulous story Begins with designer Claus Bellinger and his fascination of McLaren’s carbon-composite MP4-1 body, which rocked the Formula 1 World at Silverstone in 1981. The MP4-1 was the first full carbon Formula 1 body, designed as a molding, rather than the traditional series of flat aluminum panels mechanically fixed together. The reward for challenging conventional thinking   was a gigantic leap in strength and...

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