2016: The Year of Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf
has been gaining quite a bit of traction in the fashion industry as of late. While that is great news for the independent Austrian eyewear company, their success comes as no surprise, considering the effortlessly cool affectivity their frames give off. Not only do the people who wear their frames feel it, but they attract the attention of the people looking at them.

Clemente featuring Andy Wolf sunglasses at the 2016 Barcelona Fashion Week

Demi Lovato showing off her Andy Wolf "Bliss" sunglasses before the 2016 Victoria's Secret Swim Special

Andy Wolf sunglasses fit right in with this chic spread in the latest Vogue UK (March 2016)

There's no question that 2016 is going to be a record year for Andy Wolf. Their wild style balances well with their high-end feel, making each frame a rare and exclusive experience.

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