Lunor: Handcrafting High Standards

Although the production of each frame requires up to eight weeks and two hundred stages with attentive work by hand, the Lunor design lacks any garishness or showy ornamentation. Lunor implements careful restraint so as to avoid slavishly following fashion trends. Simultaneously, and in careful balance, Lunor also makes it a point to incorporate new technological advancements in their design, material, and production, leaving Lunor’s philosophical integrity in tact while their back-end production approaches remain open-minded and current.

Lunor frames are handmade in Germany, and have been since the brand’s germination. However, when the innovative minds at Lunor saw an opportunity to produce a higher quality titanium frame in Japan due to their high level of expertise, the titanium production was reallocated while the acetate production remained in Germany. Each component of a Lunor frame, regardless of the manufacturing location, is made exclusively for Lunor. Mass-produced parts are for generic frames; Lunor’s high standards demand individual solutions.

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