Frame Inception: The Blake Kuwahara Collection

When you wear a Blake Kuwahara frame you are not just correcting your vision or protecting your eyes from harmful light. You are embracing innovation. You are setting yourself apart.

Each Kuwahara frame is named after an influential architect as a nod to the fundamental role architecture plays in the design of each Kuwahara piece. Like any building, Kuwahara starts with the foundation of the frame; typically a modest shape--the bare bones--a basic round, simple square, and so forth. On its own, these frames would be considered safe at best, if not boring and uninspired. But the design doesn't stop at the bare bones.

From the base up, Kuwahara builds an entirely different shape, or an entirely different pattern, around the original infrastructure. Suddenly, a simple black round frame becomes a transparent trapezoid shape with unique angles and pops of color. The genius element behind this process is that you can still see the original foundation layered underneath the edgier innovation. It is as crucial to the feel and look of the frame as the second more offbeat layer.

Blake Kuwahara frames are attention-grabbing due to their style, pattern, shape, boldness, brightness, innovation, and quality. It is near impossible to feel ordinary with a Kuwahara. Come by our Lakeview location to see for yourself.