l.a. Eyeworks: On and Off the Screen

Robbie Rogers for l.a. Eyeworks
In recent addition to our finely curated selection, l.a. Eyeworks has fallen nothing short of earning its place on our shelves for their ability to craft eclectic, bold pieces. Each original design allows these frames to embody equally unique names such as WoodlawnSir Lady, Mouse Foot, Donut and Two Fresno, respectively. These intriguing styles have our eyes peeled to find ways to add a pop of color  to the faces of our clients. Each frame is designed in Los Angeles and then handcrafted in Japan or Italy. Their unique rounded temple ends and sharp bevel designs justify their place on our display.

Pictured above is LA Galaxy's Robbie Rogers, wearing the Mouse Foot for the Portrait Campaign in which l.a. Eyeworks brought together a variety of legends such as Andy Warhol, Jodie Foster and Frank Zappa to showcase the stars in their favorite frames.



l.a. Eyeworks was formed on September 9, 1979 by Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, two high school friends who maintain a balance between friendship and partnership in business that most would aspire to. After spending years in the optical business they became trained opticians and opened up shop for private opticalGai Gherard (left) Barbara McReynolds (right) owners. Barbara even worked as a representative for Essilor. Eventually, the dedicated duo  reconnected to open their very first frame fashion house on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The rest is history in the making. Their collaboration in creativity would progress from purchasing unique frames that fit their guidelines to reshaping, sandblasting and hand-dying white and pale-colored frames until their designs were put into production, the first being The Beat. Barbara and Gai became innovators in diversity as they watched their creations being worn on Melrose Avenue and soon enough, cross-country.  


Barbara and Gai's visions came to life in Hollywood as their designs shifted from the street to the screen. The latest appearance was found on the Netflix Original, A Series of Unfortunate Events, which recently premiered on January 13th. Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Count Olaf, was filmed wearing the Innski (Tea Camo) in the guise of Stefano. While none of us want to be a Baudelaire adopted by the Count, we sure don't mind adopting this perfectly round frame!

             You can see the Innski in action by watching the trailer below.

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