Ørgreen Optics & Melody Gardot Sunglasses Collaboration

Danish eyewear brand Ørgreen Optics and Paris-based American singer Melody Gardot collaborate on colours to create three unique limited editions of Capote sunglasses. Ørgreen Optics is known for their elegant, edgy designs, inventive colours, craftsmanship and choice of materials. Melody Gardot is celebrated for her contemporary take on music, blurring the boundaries between genres of jazz, blues, gospel and rock. Both are the epitome of cool, which made it a logical step to collaborate.

“Melody is the perfect brand ambassador for Ørgreen Optics,” says founder Henrik Ørgreen. “A talented, world-renown jazz musician with a soulful voice that feels like velvet. When she performs, you can hear the perfection in the nuance of each note. The quality of her delivery is amazing. She also brings a modern twist to cult classics. Much like Ørgreen Optics.” 

“I instantly fell in love with Ørgreen Optics,” smiles Melody Gardot. “Normally glasses greatly affect the sound of the voice, as most frames tend to pinch the nose and close the passages to breath. I have been looking all over the planet for a cool design in a feather light frame. But never have I seen frames as light as Ørgreen Optics. I also really appreciate their precision craftsmanship and high quality. Wearing eyewear that’s so light, for me, is a luxury.”

The colour collaboration was done in tandem with Ørgreen Optics’ talented, in-house colour advisor Sahra Lysell. Together they have created three limited edition colour versions of Ørgreen’s popular Capote sunglasses, called La vue en rose, Poète and Étoile.