Hapter Eyewear Chicago


The concept for HAPTER was inspired by an old pair of glacier military goggles from the First World War found on a summit within the Italian Dolomite Mountains. Their glasses aim to replicate the sensory relationship between aesthetics and material of the mountains.

Ungendered modern classicism, where exclusive materials are fused to achieve a minimal and functional design with a special “earthy” feel, generate a relationship of complicity and seduction with those who wear them.

HAPTER’s studio and workshop, Hapterìa, is located in the old burg of Belluno, a tiny Italian town nestled within the Dolomite mountains. 

Cut out of one continuous sheet of surgical-grade steel, eliminating any need for screws or solder points, these frames are then wrapped in handmade prestigious cotton fabric and sealed to preserve the longevity of the material. While there are many more intricate steps in the manufacturing process, it's the marriage of the industrial and the artisanal that makes HAPTER wholly unique.

Hapter frames are not listed on our website. Please contact us at info@contactsandspecs.com for more information.


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