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Get a Prescription for Eyeglasses or Contacts in Chicago

Taking care of your eyes is something we should all be on top of. Optometrists and Eye Exam in Lakevieweye doctors are here to ensure your ocular health. Our vision center offers top tier eye exams that test for cataracts, strabismus, glaucoma, macular degeneration and many other debilitating and common eye diseases. A skilled optometrist will guide you through your eye exam, provide an accurate prescription, and will make sure that the process is quick, comfortable, and comprehensive.

We have vision centers located in Logan Square and Lakeview

Our vision centers in Logan Square and Lakeview are equipped with everything you need for your vision test, ensuring even routine, yearly or bi-yearly exams are treated with utmost care and attention. Between patient history reviews, a series of eye and vision tests, evaluations of eye health, and assessment of ocular movement and focus ability, we pride ourselves on taking your total ocular health into our care wheEye Exam in Logan Squaren you book an eye exam with Contacts and Specs.

Our Eye Exams Ensure You Will Be Comfortable

We know that eye exams can be intimidating. Your comfort is one of our highest priorities. Our optometrists will ask you about any possible issues you're experiencing, your work environment, hobbies and overall health to ensure that the tests we are performing are necessary and vital to checking your eye health. Our skilled staff takes this information into account when deciding which tests and diagnostics need to be performed. We promise that you will find your eye and vision test exceedingly efficient and always focused on your specific needs.


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