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Many common eye problems aren't easy to spot and don’t have obvious symptoms. Regular eye exams with a trusted eye doctor ensures that you are wearing the right prescription for your lenses, and gives your eye doctor the chance to examine your eyes for asymptomatic conditions. Your eyes provide the crucial sense of sight; take proper care of them.

Our optometrists are among the most experienced the city, specializing in comprehensive eye exams and hard to fit, personalized contact lenses. A skilled and caring optometrist is vital to finding that perfect pair of glasses that can stand up to subzero walks to the El and the glaring summer sun in the Wrigley Field bleachers. Whether you're coming in for a fitting, an eye exam, dry eyes or any other eye issue, we've got your back.

Aside from providing an eye exam, we make an effort to be thorough and explain our findings so that you understand what you need and why.  We believe that by being friendly and approachable, we will earn your trust and you will come back whenever you have an eye care need.

Not only do we offer a great eye exam, but we also have one of the best selections of frames in the city. In fact, we were recently rated as one of the top places for frames in the whole city of Chicago!

If you're looking for top quality care that keeps your personal needs in mind, give us a call. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your specific and unique optometric needs.

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