Alain Mikli Eyewear AL1050

Alain Mikli



Alain Mikli style AL1050. Alain Mikli MATT Collection. For a sober and intimate luxurious experience, MATT covers the eyes with audacious restraint and dresses them with chivalrous camouflage, offering one's gaze a ray as clear as a breath of private and reserved light Alain Mikli frames - exclusive with unmatched qualities. Mother of pearl embedded in the cellulose acetate is what makes the MATT material so rich and slightly rough, playing with both these aspects: smooth inside for the contact with the wearer's skin and matte outside to shade the reflection of the mother of pearl. "Our reflection is long and our hesitation permanent... a design must evolve in order for product to reach its full maturity..." Alain Mikli.

A brushed chocolate gold pearl laminated acetate frame. Alain Mikli Eyewear hypoallergenic titanium frames feature: A frame that expresses itself in 3D, a sensual shape, lightness of titanium black material fitting the bottom of the lens, ultra-light nose bridge and the unique Alain Mikli hinge technology, the adjustable closing block, to avoid all contact between temples and the lenses and continues the glasses to bend and flex to the wearer's face. The result is advanced fit and ultimate comfort.


This frame comes with Ready-to-wear non-prescription plastic lenses to be worn as an accessory or the lenses can be made in your prescription by us or your local optical boutique for an additional charge.

Alain Mikli Eyewear is hand-made in France.

Included with this frame is an authentic Alain Mikli eye-glass case


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