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Last Call - Blinde Sunglasses style Surreal Deal. Big square and beautiful sunglasses for today and tomorrow. Sunglasses for the red carpet of just around town. Blinde 70's inspired sunglass collection is a fusion of technology and fashion. The eyewear, rather than the logo, is where all the emphasis is placed, with a focus on clean, wearable designs, innovative technology and the finest optical materials. Blinde is for those who set rather than follow the trends. The designs are inspired by iconic imagery of famous personalities from history, cinema, and pop culture, and an exhaustive and ongoing study and adaptation of vintage eyewear fashion.

A laminated acetate square with a stripe chocolate front a cream center and a flamingo pink backside, combined with matching temples, the open temple design contains a beta-titanium core for durability. The hinges on this frame are an integral part of the overall design and a key component of its strength. The classic barrel with pin hinge is riveted completely through the frame for exceptional strength.

The sunglass lenses are non-prescription fashion tinted gradient brown with anti-reflective coating on the backside, and UV protection to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, and to give you the best vision and comfort. The lenses can be duplicated in your prescription by us or your local optical store for an additional charge.

Blinde Eyewear is hand-made in Japan. Blinde Eyewear is hand-made in Japan. While design inspiration and materials are crucial elements to the Blinde eyewear line, 100% handmade quality brings it all together. Every Blinde eyewear component is transformed, by hand, using traditional manufacturing techniques that have been refined over decades. From the cutting of the initial parts through the final hand adjustment process, no short cuts are taken, and nothing is left to chance. The result is an eyewear line with inherent design value and superior quality.

Included with this frame is an authentic Blinde eye-glass case, a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

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Final sale sorry no returns or exchanges.

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