La LOOP Kamagong Wood Necklace

La Loop


La LOOP Kamagong wood Necklace with Sterling Silver Loop, with its geometric rectangular cut this style has a mod feel to it, inspired by retro fashions. La LOOP is the premier accessory in the eyewear industry. Have you every been fed up with misplacing your eyeglasses, sunglasses-at home, in the office, on the go Than you need La LOOP. A creative solution to an everyday problem with products of high quality and sophisticated styling. La LOOP necklaces integrate the highest quality materials with international fashion trends.

A kamagong wood necklace approximately 20 inches long with sterling silver 19mm hinged Loop and clasp that is attached to the necklace. Slide a temple of any eyewear into the loop and the loop rotates on patented swivel hinges enabling gravitational force to keep your eyewear securely in place. Kamagong is a fruit tree found only in the Philippines, the wood of which is extremely dense and hard, and famous for its dark color. It belongs to the ebony family and like many other very hard woods is sometimes called "iron wood". In Filipino Kamagong means hairy and describes the fruit's hairy exterior. The tree is grown for its rich-tasting fruit as well as its beautifully grained black timber, which is used in jewelry and furniture making. This necklace adds just the right chic and modern touch to any look.

Included with this necklace is a La LOOP pouch.

La LOOP is for the overextended and style-conscious professionals, parents, students, homemakers Š—” The perfect gift - a modern accessories that both served a function and looked great on.